Friday, August 27, 2010

Dr. Dan Wheithead Respond 4 ALL Veterans Compensation, PLEASE

Doctor Dan Wheithead:
1297 California St.
Imperial Beach, CA 91932

Dear DR. Wheithead:

Because of your prestige, according to your web page, I would like you to respond to the below hearing.  

Thursday, Sept.. 23, 2010, 9:30 am 
Veterans’ Affairs:
An oversight hearing to examine Veterans’ Affairs disability compensation, focusing on presumptive disability decision-making.


 Below I tell and link to a little about my story to help in your requested response.

I think that committee members should see if the military is using retired military personal like Dan Whitehead’s 12 clinics to evaluate, retaliate or get involved with, Veterans mental health / PTSD claims? 

The amount of Army Drs. could never see all the Veterans with PTSD correctly.
So I guess SDG-50 disability decision-making is NOT all Veterans? This is why we need good Dr.s like Dan fighting for all Veterans.

Please have All low income veterans to be able to benefit from the upgraded disability decision-making the committee will be examining.  All low income veterans, not just soldiers from a particular time period. All low income Veterans to be able to get education compensation.

Example: Free Internet, computers, cell phones with unlimited services. Also all low income Veterans to Free Internet software courses which are already setup by respectable companies like Microsoft and Adobe.  Not the rip off schools under resent investigation.

I say All low income Veterans not just those with previous recognize disabilities.  I say this because of the changing times and need for jobs and or the ability to at least interact with others not just veterans. Including all low income Veterans even with out a recognizable disabilities would help Vietnam Veterans like me and others like me.  I say this because at the age of 60 I was in a mental ward (suicidal) of a VA hospital.  I make my requests because my thinking in a positive way helps me because my criticisms and suggestion might be helpful to others.  I’m now getting help from a civilian Doctor.  My blog below helps to understand one reason why I chose a civilian doctor over a VA hospital.

My short PTSD example, of my VA hospital 3 month stay.


Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

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